Musiek is mal.
Musiek is eina.
Musiek is ritme in jou verskeurde hart.
Musiek is verslaaf aan note en smart.
Musiek vergeet jou werk.
Musiek verloor in die kerk.
Musiek is vir jou.
Musiek is holrug uitgrou.
Musiek is Musiek.

Published by Melanie du Toit

I'm a Passionate Creative Writer who writes with rhythm and humor. My Bachelor's degree in Dramatic Arts, as well as 9 years experience within the education system and entertainment industry, has marinated me to be an expert in my current craft. In my spare time, I'm a nomadic traveler. I love experiencing new tastes, painting on city walls and discovering beauty in back alleys and untrodden streets. On the left side of my brain; I love going on new online business ventures, making money and sharpening my skills by partaking in professional growth courses.

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